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ABIT Consulting Group

Business Description

ABIT Consulting Group offers home-based therapy, telehealth therapy sessions, and customized parent training sessions that address your specific goals and concerns. Applied Behavior Analysis came into the spotlight as a behavioral treatment for autism, but it doesn’t stop there. Let us show you how ABA can help you and your child, regardless of classification or diagnosis.

Our home-based ABA therapy allows our therapists to provide treatment in the child’s natural environment where they encounter everyday situations. This helps with the transfer of treatment to real life. All Applied Behavior Analysis programs are developed and directly overseen by a BCBA and are implemented by our Registered Behavioral Technicians or ABA specialists. 

We provide early intervention services, which allows behavioral therapy to start before the child starts school. The early intervention begins around preschool age or even before when possible. This is when the child’s brain is still developing and is more flexible to change. 

Business Address

Unlisted Quarryville Pennsylvania 17566-9587