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Social Shopper Inc.

Business Description

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What is CoCarting?

Introducing CoCarting by Social Shopper—a whole new way to shop online with friends and family. A CoCart is a “co-owned” online shopping cart where friends and family can add, delete, or even vote on purchases together, or, hang out, socialize, and have fun, using live video and chat.

CoCarting is transitioning the online shopping experience back into personal relationships by reconnecting us with friends, families, and communities in a fun, interactive, real-time shopping experience—no matter where.

Shop for millions of products from thousands of retailers with your family and friends—all in one, and at one location.

Say “Goodbye” to the “Old Way” of Online Shopping

Shopping Cart

Skip the confusing hyperlink lists, screenshots, and wishlists. CoCarting gives you (and your shopping CoStars) access to thousands of well-known, trusted brands—all in one location.

You and your CoStars can keep your products organized and accessible in one CoCart to help simplify the decision-making process, get and give advice on products—or make big expensive purchases collectively!

CoCarting makes online shopping fun—again!

CoCarting is More than a Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart
  • Provides a centralized online location for real-time shopping.
  • Minimizes duplicate, or hit-or-miss purchases.
  • Enhances the collective purchase power of groups.
  • Eliminates the hassle of confusing hyperlink lists.
  • Reduces time-consuming product returns.
  • Validates your choices.
CoCarting keeps friends and family connected, and involved in each other’s lives through shopping.

First time CoCarting? Here’s how to get started!

  1. Sign up: Use Facebook, a Google account, or your name and email address to create an account (be sure to check your email and confirm your sign-up).

  2. Create a CoCart: From your dashboard, click on the “Create a CoCart” button. Name your CoCart (like “Ballet Shoes,” or “Baseball Mitts”) then select “Public” or “Private” under your “Cart Type.”

  3. Invite your CoStars: Invite” your friends and family (your CoStars) to join your co-owned shopping cart (anyone with access to your CoCart). Now you’re ready to go CoCarting! 

  4. Ready…Set…Shop Together: Use the search query tool to find millions of products from trusted brands, then, place them in your CoCart. Your CoStars can add their own products, vote, give feedback, and make collective decisions on big purchases. But best of all—use the chat (video chat coming soon) box to keep connected with friends and family wherever you are in the world. 

Business Address

178 Shetland Dr Hummelstown Pennsylvania 17036