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Counseling Sphere, LLC

Business Description

Counseling Sphere is a virtual counseling practice serving adult and older teen clients across Pennsylvania. With the convenience of user-friendly technology, clients are able to access a caring and engaging therapist from the comfort of their homes. Clients have regarded Counseling Sphere as efficient, cost effective, and as impactful as in-person counseling. Many have specifically sought out Molly St. Cyr (founder) for her approach which is both evidence-based and authentic. Molly’s therapeutic modalities include: EMDR, cognitive behavior therapy, solution focused therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy (for teens), and acceptance and commitment therapy. She has more than 7 years practicing as a therapist in Lancaster, PA, providing services to clients with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, life transitions, and family conflict. We are excited to be welcoming new clients now.

Business Address

1400 Harrisburg Pike PO Box 7272 Lancaster Pennsylvania 17604