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Exact Match Masonry Staining, LLC

Business Description

Exact Match Masonry Staining™ is a Silver, Gold, and Multi-Platinum Award-winning masonry staining company, a trusted resource for thousands of USA based and international masonry manufacturers and distributors, masonry contractors, general contractors, property management companies and home and business owners.

Coast to coast, Exact Match Masonry Staining serves the entire United States with a 100% success rate for North America’s only industry-wide accepted, fast, non-invasive, and cost-effective solution to color challenges on porous masonry products. We use our maintenance-free exclusive product to match or transform the color of brick, mortar, architectural and other block, concrete, natural and manufactured stone, architectural accents, pavers, walkways, and more. Exact Match’s expert colorists arrive on site in fully equipped mobile color labs, ensuring a completely customized staining formulation, completely custom color and application approach for an Exact Match. Backed by a 30-year warranty, Exact Match uses the same iron oxide pigments used in the factory after the fact to successfully correct mortar mismatches, dye-lot differences, cover efflorescence, acid burns, replace stripped brick faces, remove graffiti, and is the ideal solution to the problem of matching discontinued or special order block or brick.

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Business Address

PO BOX 720 Millerstown Pennsylvania 17062