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Integrous Fences and Decks

Business Description

Integrous is a full-service fence and deck installation company that has been serving residential and commercial customers since 2009.

Integrous describes how we operate our company and the way we treat people and their projects.

Our people: At Integrous, our name describes who we are and our mantra.

We each play an important part in the many different roles of serving our customers, and we are all passionate about one thing: serving our customers with integrity no matter what. We don’t cut corners or look for shortcuts, but always find new ways to add more value and further develop our craft.


Our values/who we are: Founded by Jason and Sara Hurst as The Fence Experts, our goal has always been to give customers the best value—and best quality—by putting people at the center of our business model. We believe our business isn’t just built by what we do; it’s built by who we are. Our mantra that we live by is “Building people through business” and that is at the forefront of all we do.

Business Address

32 PA-41 Gap Pennsylvania 17527