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Social Shopper Inc.

Business Description


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Introducing “CoCarting” by Social Shopper—a whole new way to shop online with friends and family. Use your CoCart—a “co-owned” online shopping cart where friends and family can add, delete, or even vote on purchases together, hang out, chat socialize, and have fun.

Social Shopper is transitioning the online shopping experience back into personal relationships by reconnecting us with friends, families, and communities in a fun, interactive, real-time shopping experience—no matter where.

Shop with friends and family—at your fingertips.

Say “Goodbye” to the “Old Way” of Online Shopping

Shopping Cart

Skip the confusing hyperlink lists, screenshots, and wishlists. CoCarting gives you (and your shopping CoStars) access to hundreds of well-known, trusted brands—all in one location.

You and your CoStars can keep their products organized and accessible in one CoCart, to help simplify the decision-making process, get and give advice on products—or make big expensive purchases collectively!

CoCarting makes online shopping fun—again!

Business Address

151 W Chocolate Ave Hershey Pennsylvania 17036