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Tread House

Business Description

Tread House is an hour long workout combining cardio and strength training targeting specific muscle groups to maximize results and prevent overtraining. With encouraging certified trainers, high-energy music, and the nations #1 treadmills, we guarantee an experience like no other.

Our classes consist of an interval treadmill workout that half of the class utilizes, while the other half is on the floor. The stations on the floor consist of an adjustable bench, dumbbells, resistance bands, suspensions trainers, bosus, ab rollers and more. The class switches from the treads to the floor and vice versa either once or throughout the class. Each day of the week has a focus on a specific body part to promote strength and cut down on the injuries that come with constant full body training.

We utilize Woodway treadmills to provide the best running surface for our members. Also, we have owners and coaches who are formally educated and experienced in programming and conducting high level workouts. With these components, along with an incredible atmosphere, we offer the best workout in Central Pennsylvania.

Business Address

28 Penn Square Lancaster Pennsylvania 17603